Saturday, January 23, 2016

CSI Case 189

These photos were taken just last week. I had no idea what I was going to do until I saw the red striped scrap of paper with the letters cut out. It almost spells 'Make Believe'. Yes a few letters are missing but I love how it leaves you to imagine the rest. I's kind of a play on words. I just got busy and started telling the story of the day with my granddaughter and neighbor. The journaling reads - 'Aubrey and Mavkenzie Jan 18, 2016', 'I found these fuzzy mustaches and the girls had so much fun playing pretend' (mustaches? oops typo, I'll need to fix that), 'They wanted to play school today so I was their teacher. Right now they are doing their lesson. So fun!!!'

I finished one layout and then remembered these pictures from our cookie making fun. Since the this case was food related I just had to do a second layout. Looking at the photos brings back all the fun we had making cookies(playing in the flour). I want my granddaughter to look back one day and say "do you remember the time we______?" I would like to be a strong and positive influence in her life. The journaling reads - It was a simple store bought cookie dough used to to cut out shapes with our cookie cutters. We had to use a little flour so the dough wouldn't stick and that's when it all started. My oh my, we had flour everywhere. So much fun!!!

Come join the fun here.

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